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On a Room of One’s Own: Sherry Thomas’ “A Study in Scarlet Women”

As I said on my IG, you know that part in (the amazing) A Room of One’s Own where Woolf talks about what fate Shakespeare’s sister, had she existed and been as talented and him, would have met? Sherry Thomas … Continue reading

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Feminist Book Club: Roxane Gay’s “Bad Feminist”

So the Feminist Book Club met up for the 2nd time at Ar-Ruhma on Sunday afternoon to finish talking about Roxane Gay’s Bad Feminist. Here are some of my recollections of the stuff that came up: While some feministas agreed … Continue reading

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Travel Read: Luvvie Ajayi’s “I’m Judging You: The Do-Better Manual”

My ideal travel read is something that can be read in small, bite-sized chunks (for those dead minutes when you’re waiting for someone, or eating alone, or killing time while waiting to board and you’ve already spent all your money … Continue reading

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More on Bruneian Literature in English

I wrote down a few observations on Bruneian literature in English over at OpenBrunei. Have already heard from a couple of people – definitely hoping that I can crowdsource more information! Faiq and Hazirah did a great job formatting and … Continue reading

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Imagining Brunei: Elif Shafak’s “Honour” and David Mitchell’s “Slade House”

Two very different (and very good) novels, with one very interesting thing in common: Brunei is mentioned! The mention of Brunei in Slade House is pretty cursory and throwaway, as seen below. When her father, a “Shell Oil man” gets … Continue reading

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