April Round-Up

April reads capped out at 12, which is frankly pretty poor! So, not much to round up here.

  • 2 male authored reads (so, 20%)
  • 1 non-English read
  • 4 Muslim bits of fiction

No worries, we go onwards and upwards into May! On the flight home, I finished off the early 20th century Diary of a Provincial Lady (and it’s sequel, The Provincial Lady Goes Further), by EM Delafield which are frankly quite hilarious, started in on The Provincial Lady in America, and got well stuck into Angie Thomas’ The Hate U Give, which is already pretty shocking and gripping.

There’s a comparison to be made here between the flappy, fluffy, indomitable eponymous British Lady and Angie Thomas’ African American teenager Starr, who sees her black friend killed in the first few pages for doing nothing more than being black in America. But I’m not quite up to it yet.

Quite lost my head in the WH Smith in Heathrow and recklessly bought a bunch of bestsellers, which I then had to gloomily lug around Heathrow and Dubai International, due to new policy on RBA that you have to take allllll your hand luggage with you during the 20 minute transit. The indignities of air travel.

On a better note, despite having stuck 12 books in my checked luggage, it came in under 20kgs. I had a sneaking suspicion that couldn’t have been right, but I hurriedly rushed off before the check in counter began to share my suspicions.

Sometime soon I’ll clock in my book expenditure for the month, which I’ve been trying to track for a few months.

4 months into the year, and I’m at 58 reads, which means I’m still on track to hit 150. Excelsior!

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