[NABP] Not a Book Post: “The Tudong Monologues”

I wasn’t going to write anything about this, simply because this blog is supposed to be about books. But because reading and writing are so linked for me, and because theatre comprises a lot of the Bruneian creative output that I consume, I wanted to acknowledge that it happened, and that it was wonderful.

So here it is. I wrote a short play called The Tudong Monologues. My friend Z directed it. She found 7 amazing actresses, and 4 mind-blowing dancers, and we put it on, the first Salted Egg Theatre production ever. An all-female production, an all-female audience. I hope there will be more – I hope we get more writers, who can write stories about and around and featuring Bruneian women. The more stories we tell about ourselves, the more stories we read about ourselves, the stronger we become, individually and as a community. The more we understand ourselves and each other, the more compassion we sow. When we tell stories about ourselves, we are making space for laughter, for unspoken grief, for all the feelings we share and reject. For each other.

It was a beautiful night, and the thrill, for me, started, when the lights went out and our emcee, J, said, “Ladies.”

I was waiting, unconsciously, for the “…and gentlemen.” And when it didn’t come, when it ended there, I felt that thrill skim across my skin, electric and warm. It felt good.

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