August round-up, fresh September start

So, since the mid-month check-in, I have managed the lofty completion of one more book, bringing August’s grand total to 8! Which is…exactly the same number I managed last year. Is August just not a reading month? We’ll see next year whether these two data points join up to form a pattern.

On the bright side – there’s always one – I managed to churn out a lot of words this month, I travelled a bit and tried out two new hotel pools, and despite back to back flights, my immune system held strong and I didn’t come down with any nasty flu/bug-type things! Happy days.

The noteworthy books of August have already been covered in this post; all except this one: Saroo Brierley’s Lion, originally titled A Long Way Home: A Memoir. Most people I’ve spoken to have been familiar with this story, either from the book or from the 2016 Oscar nominated movie starring Dev Patel. A 5-year old Indian boy gets on a train in India and is lost for 25 years – at 30, he uses Google Earth to find his way home. It’s an amazing story in and of itself – it is also compellingly written, a tribute both to Brierley and his co-writer, Larry Buttrose. It’s fast paced and matter of fact, not shying away from the horror of a lost child on the streets of Calcutta – somehow, however, it is not so painful to read that you don’t want to keep going on. There’s a lightness of touch, less to do with flippancy and more with the courage and optimism of spirit that Brierley insists on as part of the human condition. Am definitely going to look for the movie, and also maybe incorporate the text into my non-fiction class next year! (I lent this to my mum and she finished it in a day, so a pretty fast read!)

So far in Sept, I’ve read 3 books – Tessa Dare’s The Duchess Deal (yes good very good bubbly fun), Arundhati Roy’s The Ministry of Utmost Happiness (epic…ally long, and I’m not convinced it was all that rewarding given the length) and Sophie Hannah’s second Poirot offering, Closed Casket (nope, not convinced, no).

May Sept bring more fun books my way – I’m going to try to finish off some of the books that have been loaned to me so I can return them! (Sorry J!)

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