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Imagined Brunei: Kevin Kwan’s “Crazy Rich Asians”

It makes sense that Brunei would make an appearance in a Southeast Asian novel – a few days ago it was Miguel Syjuco’s Ilustrado, today it’s Kevin Kwan’s Crazy Rich Asians.   Ref 1: pg 122 Key words: Sultan of … Continue reading

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Mid (ish) October Round-Up (Epic Reading Slump)

19 days in to October and I’m definitely feeling a reading slump. I’ve gotten 5 books under my belt this month, and they’ve all been good, but last night I was rifling through my TBR book pile and thinking, why are all the … Continue reading

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Imagining Brunei: Miguel Syjuco’s “Ilustrado”

Just a quick post to flag up another mention of Brunei in fiction – this time in Miguel Syjuco’s Man Asian-winning Ilustrado. Throwaway references, as in David Mitchell’s Slade House.   In the first reference, on pg 97, Brunei is referenced in the … Continue reading

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September Round Up: The Muslim Woman’s Double Bind

13 books in September! 12 female-authored 2 Bruneian novels (The Last Bastion of Ingei and Jewel: An attempt at a halal romance – review for The Scoop here) 3 books on Islam 1 book on Erotic Stories for Punjabi widows (I just love … Continue reading

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