October Round Up and Deals with the Devil

I fell 2 books short of reaching my October goal!

At 9 books, it was a bit of a slow month, reading-wise. More interestingly, it is also the first month this year in which I have read more male than female authored novels (5-4). Perhaps this contributed to the slowness? I found myself thinking while reading Crazy Rich Asians that it was super male – I thought a little bit about the differences between male and female writing last year, and I might almost be ready to refine a little further on those thoughts.

Maybe after I’ve finished the book I’m on now; Sylvia Townsend Warner’s Lolly Willowes (as recommended in 11 Books to Hex the Patriarchy hrhr). It’s pretty good so far, sort of a cross between E.M Delafield’s The Provincial Lady, something Evelyn Waugh-y, and if the blurb holds true, FAUSTUS haha. (I read Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus last week, and I’m intrigued to consider the differences between male and female pacts with the devil. Marlowe’s Faustus disappointed me a little – he got buyer’s remorse on the whole soul thing REAL fast, and he didn’t seem to have much imagination vis a vis HAVING A DEMON AND THE POWERS OF HELL AT YOUR DISPOSAL. I mean…there’s an extended scene where he just pranks a farmer by selling him a horse made of hay, and then pretends to lose his leg? What? You have 24 years and Mephistopheles at your command, and that’s what you choose to do?)

Last year I read 7 books in November, so I am DEFINITELY gunning to exceed that this year, jeez louise. I’m currently at 131 books for the year; to meet last year’s number I’d have to read 31 more, which would be about 15-16 books in November and December. I’d actually be happy with 150; with the Singapore Writers Festival and a move abroad coming up, I think that’s probably more feasible as well. Actually, I’ll set myself a goal of getting back to my 3 books a week habit – that would put me at a solid 155 for the year. But one month at a time!

Next week is the one-year anniversary of Feminist Book Club (as well as Bruhaha’s Movember shows and JIS’ production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream). Hello November!

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