Happy Birthday to My Book Blog! (and mid-month round-up)

…okay, sort of belated birthday, to be perfectly honest. I had noted down “Wow, one year since my first post” in my trusty black planner for 11 November last week, but I misplaced my planner (nightmare) and was in Singapore, so I missed it!

It has been one year of blogging (slash writing sporadically) about books I’ve read! Recently I also celebrated one year of Feminist Book Club, and one year of Netball Wednesdays – apparently in November 2016 I went on an Achieving Things binge which I’m reaping the rewards of now, a year later. I say it flippantly, but really this month of anniversaries has reminded me that good things take time, effort, investment, patience. Not everything is instant gratification, and it shouldn’t be. There is a sweet kind of joy in patient perseverance.

I started the book blog to share things I’ve read, to keep track of things I’ve read. To track patterns of my own reading behaviour and economics. In the year ahead I’d like to start seriously tracking how much I spend on books on a month to month basis (I know I’ve spent about BND400 this month alone), how much I spend on ebooks versus hard copies. I consider this expense both a personal and professional one, but it is still definitely an Expense.

(Also, despite the blog, I still have trouble remembering what the last title I read was off the top of my head when people ask.)

In the last month, my personal and professional commitments have amped up considerably (piano exam on Friday, out of the country two weekends in a row, last week of PT, EXAM SEASON AT UBD, two weeks from leaving for Kyoto, Miscellanous Other), I’ve struggled to find the time to read lengthily and quietly, but sometimes (most of the time) people are more important than paper so, no regrets. A book I pre-ordered was released today, I have an anthology of ghost stories next to me, and Alfian Sa’at’s Malay Sketches in my bag – and after piano class this evening, I have a free night. Face mask, glasses, bed, book.

Just about time, too – I’m shockingly behind on November goals. I’ve read exactly 3 books – all of which were great, but still. 3 books in 2 weeks? What am I doing with my life. They were:

  • Sylvia Townsend Warner Lolly Willowes (yes witches rural england deal with farmer devil)
  • Tash Aw Strangers on a Pier (looking one way, being looked at another, distorted mirrors and family legacies)
  • Shonda Rhimes Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand in the Sun and Be Your Own Person (affirmative, confident, what saying yes to life means. this is pure abundance theory.)

Also, I just published a short story with Heartwrite Co. Here’s a picture! The illustrations are gorgeous and worth the price of admission, and the short story can be ordered from them on IG (@heartwrite.co).

Happy birthday katdakoo reads! I can’t wait to do up my end-of-year graphs next month.



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