November Round Up – from Kyoto!

December 2017, here we are. I ended up reading 8 books in November, bringing my total count to 139 books for the year. I’m really hoping to still hit my 150 book goal, so 11 books in December it is!

Not really many noteworthy books in November after the mid-month round-up – I read a couple of thrillers, an anthology of ghost stories, but nothing very compelling. I made a move to Kyoto this week, and didn’t bring a lot of books with me – Imran Hashim’s Annabelle Thong, Frances Hardinge’s A Skinful of Shadows, Lynn Weingarten’s Bad Girls with Pretty Faces. I’m still Kindle-less since I lost mine a couple of months ago, but I’m trying to get a new one now.

Fun Fact: This will be my third Kindle in maybe 8 years? – I sat on my first and favourite one, cracking the screen and my heart; I think I left my second one on a plane earlier in the year. My eyes can’t take reading off my phone or a laptop for any length of time anymore, so an e-reader is pretty indispensable to me.

Fun Fact #2: I have a TBR folder on my Kindle of about 20 books, and roughly 1000 e-books overall. This is why I need to start tracking my book purchases.

Now that I’m settled in Kyoto, my goal is to get back to a regular reading schedule, not snatching bits and pieces of time here and there. Life was pretty mad in Brunei last month, but it was all good, good things, so no complaints. Nevertheless, my aim is always, as Gustave Flaubert said, to be regular and orderly in my life so that I may be violent and original where it counts. Shout out too to Junot Diaz, who was stern on the duties of writers to reading. We don’t need more writers, he said, firmly – what we need are more readers.

Here we go into the last month of the year – let’s finish strong.

Photo 30-11-2017, 09 55 58


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