January Round-Up (Ebooks Everywhere)

In January 2018, I read 12 books*. A few salient numbers and notes:

  1. All of them were ebooks**. (I switched from Amazon US to Amazon UK about halfway through the month because I needed to read Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine for Feminist Book Club, and the US site didn’t have the Kindle edition. The mechanisms behind digital releases in different countries are beyond me, but then I am also baffled by HOW Amazon knows what country I’m in and therefore which books “are not available for your country”. ***)
  2. A female to male ratio of 1:2 – for every 1 male writer I read, I read 2 female writers, this month.
  3. Expense Report: USD52.08 (Amazon US) and GBP86.96 (Amazon UK), which at today’s exchange rate, tops out at approximately BND230 for January. For 29 books, this means that I’m paying approx BND7.93 per book. Which is a reasonable cost per book, I think.

Books of Note since the mid-month round-up (not necessarily recommendations)

Gail Honeyman Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine  Feminist Book Club’s first read of the year! This was surprisingly twisty, very very readable, and made humanity seem mundanely, pragmatically lovely.

Stephanie Garber Caraval This was disappointing. Two sisters, abusive father, dream of running away to see the magical Caraval, a sort of enchanted circus that appears once a year. At this enchanted circus, the winner for the year gets a wish, and the sisters want that wish. The premise is interesting, and the novel got a ton of hype, but I couldn’t really root for the protagonist (too wimpy and fearful for too long), and it felt a little paint by the numbers. The feistier sister, Tella, is going to get her own book I think? That one seems way more interesting, but I don’t think I’ll be looking out for it, particularly.

A.J. Finn The Woman in the Window Classic thriller, with a lot of nods to Hitchcock and film noir – woman looks out her window into neighbour’s house, sees something she shouldn’t, suspense ensues. Pick it up if you’re looking for an easy, reliable thrill – there were at least two things that surprised me, although some of it was a little predictable. (And I am the kind of reader/viewer who is very easily surprised).

*Jan 2016 – 10 books, Jan 2017 – 22 books

**In other news, I had some visitors from Brunei this month and they kindly brought over 5 novels from my TBR stack back home! Yay! Will try to get through all of them in February, so as not to waste their efforts.


***Thanks to some mild paranoia about digital surveillance, I finally found a use for the washi tape I’ve been hoarding! I.e I’ve taped over my laptop’s webcam. Thanks, Peanuts Washi tape!

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