March Round-Up

I’m hoping to finish another book on the flight tonight (I’ve got Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In locked and loaded), but I feel that may be optimistic. So I’m going to check-in now:

At the end of March, I’ve read 16 books. It’s been a pretty good set of reads, also! Since the mid-month, here are some of the notable reads:

Alexandra Christo To Kill a Kingdom YA version of The Little Mermaid, reimagined with murderous sirens and mermaid-killing Prince Charmings. I really enjoyed this and the mythology got nice and twisty; I wasn’t convinced by the heroine’s redemption arc, but it was a quick, fun read with sparky, complex protagonists who were all doing their best with the brokenness they had been given.

Marie Brennan Tropic of Serpents The sequel to A Natural History of Dragons wasn’t quite as fun for me as the first novel – there was toooo much world-building and not enough plot and character. I’ll probably give the third in the series a go before giving up on this.

Zen Cho The Perilous Life of Jade Yeo Looved Spirits Abroad and this novella about a Chinese Malaysian writer of book reviews in 1920s London was just more pragmatic, wistful deliciousness.

Alicia Malone Backwards and In Heels: The Past, Present and Future of Women Working in Film This month’s Feminist Book Club read was a history of women in Hollywood. This was interesting to me as a primer on the subject – short sections, snappily worded – but the Kindle version was really weirdly formatted, and I would have liked photos to accompany the text, especially of women whose looks were a big part of the personas they played professionally. I don’t know how interesting this would be to people already versed on the subject – it was kind of broad strokes stuff, but I enjoyed it. The fact that sticks with me is that Rita Hayworth lasered off her hairline and dyed her hair red to move as far away from her Hispanic looks as possible.

Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza Fitness Junkie A send-up of the health industry, cross-fit, kale juice, hot yoga and all, through the story of a fashion mogul who’s told to lose 30 pounds or else. It was fun, entertaining, body positive (mostly).

Helon Habila The Chibok Girls A short journalistic account of the Boko Haram kidnappings – this was terse and restrained and angry and necessary.

March Expense Report

Books Actually 120BND

Book Depository 168.42BND

Amazon UK 92.35GBP ~ 170BND

Total: 458.42BND over 29 books which is about 15.8BND per book – not cheap, but not monstrously expensive. A few academic texts from Book Depo drove the amount up (averaging about 42BND each). That’s still a lot of money to spend on books in a month though. (I am trying very hard not to judge myself right now.)

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