[NABP] A few miscellanous things

  1. I wrote an article for the Kyoto Review about the development of Bruneian narratives, which was generously edited by scholar and friend Keryn Ibrahim. If you’re interested, you can find it here.
  2. I picked up everything in the local authors section in Nollybook at the airport, read these three on the flight out, and really liked the CuboiArt collection – I found it funny and often incisive. I have the second collection as well, and am looking forward to discussing it with friends – the depictions of gender, and class, particularly. You may remember this cartoon which appeared the Borneo Bulletin last year, which caused a lot of outrage in my friend groups about what it implied about gender roles in the household.
  3. Book haul! From the ever-reliable Kinokuniya in ION. Get some chairs in there, though, Kino. Photo 4-1-18, 6 18 19 PM
  4. I travel a moderate amount, alone and with company, and I have often thought what an incredible blessing it is not just to be able to go away, but to have a peaceful, lovely and loving home to come back to; half the joy in going away is in coming back again. Photo 3-31-18, 6 51 06 PM
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