April Round-Up (On track for 2018 goal!)

In April I read 12 books, which is a pretty solid effort! More importantly, that means that at the end of the first third of 2018 I’ve read 50 books. Math tells me that that means I’m on track to hit my 150 book target for the year.

I’ve covered most of the notable reads for the month here, and I only have one more to add to that: Meena Kandasamy’s When I Hit You, a fiction-non-fiction novel about a woman trapped in an abusive marriage. This was a beautiful, distant read, cerebral and ruthless, a woman constantly using her intellect and education to distance herself from the physicality and illogic of what was happening in her marriage. Her ability to view what was happening to her with the perspective of an outsider, through the lens of everything she’d read and knew, was what helped her survive – her insistence on writing the narrative of her life while she was living it, was a fierce, powerful, invincible flame.

I’ve read this sentiment in a handful of other novels – as long as you can still think about how you’re going to tell the story of what is happening to you, you’re still okay. You can still survive whatever is happening. It will not break you, not utterly, not completely. Narrative as salvation, narrative as survival. I believe in this, so much.

I was held at arms length from When I Hit You, forced back but also forced to watch. The addendum at the end, a review telling us who needs to read this book, was so perfectly placed and written it almost felt like part of the book.

Expense Report for April 2018

Amazon UK: 31.8GBP

Kinokuniya Singapore: 262.25

Best Eastern Brunei: 16.8

Total: 337BND

Funnily enough, when I sat down to do this expensing, I thought I hadn’t spent that much on books this month. Perception VS Data. Sigh.

To end April, here are two pictures of my re-organized TBR piles, now down to two from what had hitherto been uncountable lumps of books scattered dustily and spider-attractingly around.

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2 Responses to April Round-Up (On track for 2018 goal!)

  1. Atifa. says:

    this is so amazing! well done.

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