Daily Reads

Sites I read regularly aka The Black Holes I fall into when I’m procrastinating:

Advice Columns

AskAManager : Has helped me through many work situations and generally in my understanding of professionalism and boundaries at work. (Her book recommendations are also spot on)

Dear Prudence: Have read this column for years, before Daniel Mallory Ortberg took it over. I don’t agree with Daniel-as-Prudie’s advice as much as I did the previous columnist, but still worth reading for the truly bananas problems that people have. I miss The Toast! (Have just started subscribing to The Shatner Chatner)

Captain Awkward: More advice! More problems which are evidence of how strange and rich and occasionally awful this human tapestry is.

General Interest

Buzzfeed: To temper the horror that is world news with daily dose of memes

Cup of Jo: Love the motherhood around the world series, beauty uniforms, recipes, and Mari Andrew. Also, the weekly link round-up game is strong with this one

The Billfold: I am kepoh about people’s finances. Used to love Mr Money Mustache as well, but haven’t read it recently. Minimalism and finances were very interconnected for me at one point, so I also loved Becoming Minimalist and Zen Habits, but again, have not read those regularly for a while.

May these serve as comforting, reliable sanctuaries for the procrastinatory out there.

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5 Responses to Daily Reads

  1. hazm8 says:

    Thank you for sharing! I gotta ask, Kat, why the advice columns? 😆

    • katdakoo says:

      You know, I didn’t realize until recently that not everyone loves advice columns! I think they serve (for me) the function of showing how abstract moral codes can be applied in the concrete. E.g most advice about good boundaries is about you doing you and me doing me, and how to and when to pull back when/if that line is transgressed. (And how to identify what are actual transgressions and what are not) It’s just that we often get distracted by (the banana-ness) of specifics, which is when we need to pull back for perspective. i like that process of pulling back and thats what advice columns offer I guess! also im extremely nosy which is also perhaps (partially) why i read a lot. hrhrhr

      • hazm8 says:

        >It’s just that we often get distracted by (the banana-ness) of specifics, which is when we need to pull back for perspective.

        I love this, that does some up a lot of advice column fodder. I don’t think I enjoy it myself haha. For example, https://www.reddit.com/r/relationships/ (that’s the Relationships subreddit for those not familiar with Reddit) tends to make me feel anxious because it seems to be alll about transgressions and boundaries.

      • katdakoo says:

        Yes i can see how it can be anxiety making! I suppose i enjoy learning and reading how such situations can be diffused; and thus controlled haha

      • hazm8 says:

        *sum up. Ugh at uneditable typos!

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