(Belated) June 2018 Round-Up, Book Haul and Mid-Year Expense Report

I didn’t manage to finish any books after the mid-month round-up, so my June count remains at 9 books. What I did manage to finish: two conference papers, a book chapter I’ve been struggling with for 6 months, and a trip to Sydney and New Zealand for the biannual IASPR and my inaugural PopCAANZ conference!

I also did start a whole slew of new books, so hopefully July will be more productive.

In the meantime, my expense report for June:

Amazon UK: GBP44.76 (approx 80.71BND)

Conference books (4 Filipina romance novels): 28AUD (approx 28BND)

for a total of BND108.71 for the month of June! I’m pretty happy with that.

So my mid-year expense report is (BND):

Jan: 227.4

Feb: 236.9

March: 502.92

April: 336.35

May: 202.99

June: 108.71

Total: 1615.27BND

Average per month: 269.2BND

I’m not quite sure yet what to do with this information – at this point, I just want to monitor it and at the end of the year decide if this expenditure is sustainable, irresponsible, or necessary. I do find that although obviously I don’t read all the books I buy at once, I do eventually read them over the years, and I find it helpful for my own reading goals to have a variety of books to hand for whatever mood I’m in. I do fortunately also find that the things I read for enjoyment eventually end up in my work (see: representations of Brunei in non-Bruneian novels, SEA fiction, pop romance), so I think of my book expenditure partially as work-incurred expenses. I have also enjoyed tracking where I’ve bought my books from – so far I’ve bought from 7 different countries this year, which is a fun fact (for meeee). I have unformed but plentiful thoughts about global distribution networks, which I’ll try to articulate at some point.

Anyway, I managed to trawl through a few secondhand and independent bookstores in Auckland, so here’s a picture of some of the books I bought. I also bought a few novels at the Melbourne airport on the last leg home but they aren’t pictured here.

So here we are at the end of the first half of 2018! Onwards, and may the second half be a time of fruitfulness and productivity for all.

In about a week I’ll have a mid-month round-up for July 2018, and I’ve read a couple of interesting ones so far, so that should be fun! (Bodes well for July)

Photo 7-5-18, 9 31 10 AM

This, along with a a few others, was waiting for me when I got back home, yay! I like to forget what I’ve ordered from BookDepo so that when it finally arrives it’s like an unexpected gift from past Kat to present Kat.

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