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The right book at the right time: a mid-month check-in

Closer to the 2/3rd point, really, but who’s counting? At the 2/3rd point of the month, then, I’ve read 15 books. It’s been a good crop this month. Some stand-outs include: Elizabeth Strout’s My Name is Lucy Barton – Strout … Continue reading

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May round-up! (In which I read a lot of male authors)

In May I read 14 books. I think breaking out of my 12 books a month rut is worth a celebration, so lets crack out a graph! Ah, life is much better with a cheery graph. Apparently in May 2016 … Continue reading

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[NABP] Not a Book Post: “The Tudong Monologues”

I wasn’t going to write anything about this, simply because this blog is supposed to be about books. But because reading and writing are so linked for me, and because theatre comprises a lot of the Bruneian creative output that … Continue reading

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Feminist Book Club: Caitlin Moran’s “How to Be a Woman”

I missed last month’s book club meet up, but I did read the book, Jami Attenberg’s All Grown Up. I enjoyed it, and thought the protagonist was hugely, flawed-ly relatedly human. She was continuously perplexed by all the people around … Continue reading

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Bingeing on thrillers

So I’ve been binge-reading thrillers – the last three have been JP Delaney’s The Girl Before (girl moves into creepy minimalist, automated, high tech house in which she finds out other girls have died), Sabine Durrant’s Lie With Me (serial … Continue reading

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April Round-Up

April reads capped out at 12, which is frankly pretty poor! So, not much to round up here. 2 male authored reads (so, 20%) 1 non-English read 4 Muslim bits of fiction No worries, we go onwards and upwards into … Continue reading

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Book haul! 

So over the last few years, my book haul philosophy for bookstores has been to look at what the bookstore itself has curated and foregrounded, and just pick up anything that seems interesting on the spot (within a set budget). … Continue reading

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