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Feminist Book Club: a year of feminist reading

I’ve kind of fallen behind on recording the Feminist Book Club meets, but before I fall even further behind, I just want to note down here the books we read this year, along with who picked them, if anyone is interested! (November) … Continue reading

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November Round Up – from Kyoto!

December 2017, here we are. I ended up reading 8 books in November, bringing my total count to 139 books for the year. I’m really hoping to still hit my 150 book goal, so 11 books in December it is! Not really many … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to My Book Blog! (and mid-month round-up)

…okay, sort of belated birthday, to be perfectly honest. I had noted down “Wow, one year since my first post” in my trusty black planner for 11 November last week, but I misplaced my planner (nightmare) and was in Singapore, so I … Continue reading

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October Round Up and Deals with the Devil

I fell 2 books short of reaching my October goal! At 9 books, it was a bit of a slow month, reading-wise. More interestingly, it is also the first month this year in which I have read more male than … Continue reading

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Imagined Brunei: Kevin Kwan’s “Crazy Rich Asians”

It makes sense that Brunei would make an appearance in a Southeast Asian novel – a few days ago it was Miguel Syjuco’s Ilustrado, today it’s Kevin Kwan’s Crazy Rich Asians.   Ref 1: pg 122 Key words: Sultan of … Continue reading

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Mid (ish) October Round-Up (Epic Reading Slump)

19 days in to October and I’m definitely feeling a reading slump. I’ve gotten 5 books under my belt this month, and they’ve all been good, but last night I was rifling through my TBR book pile and thinking, why are all the … Continue reading

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Imagining Brunei: Miguel Syjuco’s “Ilustrado”

Just a quick post to flag up another mention of Brunei in fiction – this time in Miguel Syjuco’s Man Asian-winning Ilustrado. Throwaway references, as in David Mitchell’s Slade House.   In the first reference, on pg 97, Brunei is referenced in the … Continue reading

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