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October Mid-month Round-Up 2018

Mid-way through October, with 2.5 months left to 2018. Definitely ready for a break (from 2018? From the semester? From writing and reading and washing and repeating? Who knows). 7 books  so far in October. Of note: Ling Ma Severance Zombie novel, but … Continue reading

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September 2018 Round-Up

October, and not a moment too soon. September has been an incredibly stressful month, so am very glad to say goodbye to it. 13 books in September, so not a complete wash! Of note Charlotte Perkins Gilman Herland Yes! This was awesome. … Continue reading

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September 2018 mid-month round-up

I’ve hit the 100 book mark for 2018! My 100th book was, perhaps fittingly, Mary Beard’s manifesto, Women and Power, in which she draws links to the Western world’s Greco-Roman heritage to argue how the silencing of women in the public … Continue reading

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Handful of Quotes: Kazuo Ishiguro’s Nobel Lecture

I’m not a huge fan of Ishiguro’s fiction in execution, but I do love their core premises (sort of the reaction I have to Neil Gaiman’s fiction), so I picked up a copy of his Nobel lecture when I was … Continue reading

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(Superlate) August Round-Up

In August I missed my mid-month round-up! read 13 books There were some really good books in August, maybe some of my favourites of the year, so far. Some notable reads Naomi Novik Spinning Silver I’ve been eagerly waiting for … Continue reading

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[NABP] On being too feminist

“You should write an article on what it’s like to date a feminist,” I tell K. He laughs. “You know, I sometimes forget you are a feminist,” he says to me. “Until you say something and then I remember, oh … Continue reading

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Hidden Figures: The Untold Story of the African American Women Who Helped Win the Space Race

In Outliers, one of Malcolm Gladwell’s points is that no achievement is truly individual in nature. We are always standing on the shoulders of timing, geography, the work of the the generations before us, the privileges granted us by our parents, our … Continue reading

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